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Palau Tourism

Jellyfish Lake

An attraction most can only dream of, this daring and unusual phenomena, Jellyfish Lake that is a marine lake, departs radically from convention;for it is an enclosed body of water wherein - over the course of a millennia - resident jellyfish have completely lost their sting because they have not had to fight off predators. Instead, they spend their days in privileged leisure, pulsating gently from one side of the lake to the other while catching the sun's rays and farming their own food supply of algae.

Milk Lake

The mysterious chalky waters of the milk lake were formed by millions of years of calcium carbonate, which accumulated in this unusual geologic phenomena; is a marine lake also. Unique to the waters of Palau, the silty bottom turns “The Milk Bowl” to a completely opaque sky blue.

Large fault

Large fault have good reputation in global diving circles as the top of the seven dive sites. In addition to see the fault zone, you can also see the large migratory fish, such as napoleon wrasse, dolphin、 butterflyfish etc. here is very rich in fish. Snorkeling in the area also very different, because water is strong, so need a discharge mode, can experience the taste of ocean currents take, very effort, but also often miss some beautiful scenic spots for velocity is too fast.

Scallops City

Scallops city is a retention area, in the water, there are many big shellfish, mainly tridacna。These scallops analyzed by experts has more than hundred years old, therefore as Palau national scenic spots. At this point, you can in the water with a depth of five meters, saw hundreds of giant scallop shell over 1 meter long. Please note, don't naughty to touch these scallops, otherwise there will be a risk of being clamped.